Top tips to driving an electric vehicle this winter

29/12/2021  Useful Information All News

Today we wanted to offer both a warning and advice to new electric vehicle owners- they will respond differently in winter to a petrol or diesel vehicle.

There are also a few technical aspects to electric vehicles that are affected by low temperatures, and may impact their performance over the winter months!

Read on if you have an electric vehicle:

Turn off regenerative braking to avoid potentially dangerous slips on the road
Regenerative braking works by turning the kinetic energy of the car into a chemical energy stored in the car's battery. During the winter months, however, it can lead to dangerous, unexpected handling characteristics such as a loss of grip, reducing the tyre's ability to help steer the vehicle.

Your battery needs some TLC
Electric vehicle batteries don't respond well to cold temperatures, much like mobile phones. Research suggests that some models will experience a drop of around 10-30% in range until the battery has warmed up. Our tip, where possible, store your electric vehicle in a temperature-controlled space like your garage, but if this isn't possible, then place a sheet over your vehicle. You should also make the most of pre-heating features, which allow you to warm your vehicle while before you head out.

Pump it up- keep those tyres inflated
Electric vehicle drivers should also take particular care to ensure their tyres are properly inflated. Electric vehicles tend to be heavier than internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. This is because the battery's central position means the vehicle has a lower centre of gravity, putting more strain on the tyres.

We hope this guide helps…it might just help support you enjoy your winter driving in an electric vehicle more pleasurable and safe!

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