Top 5 Driving Myths - How Many Do You Know?

03/03/2022  Useful Information All News

Today we wanted to explore many myths around driving on our roads. We've taken a few examples found online to share what is a myth and what's the truth…

It's illegal to use my phone at a petrol station. MYTH.

Over the years this has been a widely disproven myth that using your mobile phone at a petrol station will cause a fire or worst. Whilst it's not illegal to use your phone on forecourts, many petrol stations do have rules in place against mobile phone usage which should be adhered to.

It's illegal to drive in socks or flip flops. MYTH.

Driving without shoes is in fact not illegal. Nor is driving in flip flops.

However, rule 97 of the Highway Code states that drivers must have "footwear and clothing which does not prevent (them) using the controls in the correct manner".

I can't use my phone as a sat-nav. MYTH.

In short, you can. However, the phone has to be in a fixed position – either to the dashboard or windscreen – and can't block your view of the road. The usual phone-related punishments will be administered if you don't meet these criteria.

It's illegal to eat and drink at the wheel. MYTH.

In short, it's not – however it isn't advised.

Rule 148 of the Highway Code states: "Safe driving and riding needs concentration. Avoid distractions such as eating and drinking".

All speed cameras have a 10% tolerance. MYTH.

There is no clear instruction that this is the case across all police forces. So, what does this mean for drivers? Many police forces have claimed there is tolerance, but that doesn't necessarily account for mobile speed cameras or patrol vehicles, many of which rely on the judgment of the operator/driver.

There you have it. Five myths of the roads that I'm sure we have all heard before!

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